EnvironAir Asia, Inc. (EAI) is able to evaluate stack emissions sampling and testing from various industrial processes. We offer the highest quality standard in the sampling of emissions.

  • Industrial Stack Emission Analyses
  • Isokinetic Analyses
  • Emission sampling and flow measurements according to US-EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reference methods.

Gaseous and particulate pollutants: NOx. SO2, and PM

DENR SAT NO. EAI-SAP-2016-047-16


No. 2000-82



2.4   Stationary Sources

2.4.1. General

All stationary sources of air emissions must comply with National Emission Standards for Sources Specific Air Pollution (NESSAP) and Ambient Air Quality Standard (AAQS)  pertaining to the source. Additional requirements are summarized in the following paragraphs. “Stationary Sources” may generally be defined as individual points of air emissions (e.g. smokestacks).

The Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999http://www.denr.gov.ph
Certification of 3rd part stack testerhttp://www.emb.gov.ph
USEPA Method 1: Sample and Velocity Traverses for Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-01.pdf
USEPA Method 2: Determination of Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate (Type S Pitot Tube)https://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-02.pdf
USEPA Method 3: Gas Analysis for the Determination of Dry Molecular Weighthttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-03.pdf
USEPA Method 4: Determination of Moisture Content in Stack Gaseshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-04.pdf
USEPA Method 5: Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-05.pdf
USEPA Method 6: Determination of Sulfur Oxides Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-06.pdf
USEPA Method 7: Determination of Nitrogen Oxides Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-07.pdf
USEPA Method 8:Determination of Sulfuric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-08.pdf
USEPA Method 9: Visual Determination of the Opacity of Emissions From Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-09.pdf
USEPA Method 10: Determination of Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/method10r06.pdf
USEPA Method 29: Determination of Metals Emissions from Stationary Sourceshttps://www3.epa.gov/ttnemc01/promgate/m-29.pdf
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Laws and Policies For Air Quality Managementhttp://air.emb.gov.ph/?page_id=27