EnvironairAsia Inc with its sister company Castle Industrial Systems, Inc. is an Engineering Control Systems Designer, Integrator, Service Provider, Equipment Supplier and PCAB Accredited Specialty Contractor.

Our company is dedicated to promote and provide sustainable, environment-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient Engineering Solutions for Environment, Health and Safety (EH & S) concerns for workers’ protection and legal compliance with the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and DOLE requirements.

Our core business is to recognize, evaluate, design, fabricate and install small to large Air Pollution Control Devices (APCD), Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems and Ventilation System/Correction.

These systems may be an independent, standalone solution or part of the production process. A properly designed system not only corrects and complies with the environmental laws and guidelines but may also improve the entire production process for increased productivity and profit and hence may provide a Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Since its establishment in 1996, our company boasts of a project installation portfolio that covers most major industries/multinationals to include the semiconductor, food, mining, tobacco, solar, car assembly, pharmaceutical and refinery for more than twenty years.

We develop and tailor-fit integrated solutions in:

  • Pure and Ultra-Pure Water Treatment
  • Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Filtration Systems
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Fume Scrubber System
  • Odor Removal
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Dust Collection System
  • Thermal Oxidation
  • Catalytic Oxidation
  • Electrostatic Precipitation
  • Specialty Electromechanical Works
Acid Fumes Scrubber
Cartridge Type Dust Collector
Catalytic Oxidizer
Dust Collector With Cyclone
Industrial Dust Collector Application
Industrial Type Dust Collectors
Odor and Process Scrubber
Onsite Project Inspection
Plating Fumes Scrubber
Process Fume Scrubber
Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
FRP Duct Works
Mist Eliminator
Movable-Retractable Moving Rigid Ducts
Special Chemical Resistant Duct Network for Contaminated Process Air Extraction
Special Customized Extraction Hoods
Specially Built Bulk Chemical Resistant Storage Tanks