EnvironAir Asia, Inc. (EAI) is an air pollution prevention specialist. With today’s complex and dynamic technological advancement, EAI does not only control or provide end-of-pipe technologies but also endorses prevention-oriented solutions to environmental problems.

Drawing upon extensive industry knowledge, distinguished professionals, and innovative analytics, the firm develops solutions, not only equipment, to complex and diverse environmental concerns.

EAI’s approach to these issues is strengthened by its expertise in information technology, organizational improvement, program administration, communications and life cycle management. EAI provides services in the private and public sectors including customers in the oil and gas industry, recreation and tourism, agriculture, mining, regional and national governments.

EAI is divided into three divisions to cater diverse clientele needs:

  • Technology and Solutions Division (link to Technology and Solutions)
  • Consultancy Division (link to Consultancy Services)
  • Air Quality Division (link to Stack, Ambient, Work Environment Measurement, Indoor Air Quality & Industrial Hygiene Consultancy)