EAI is a DENR-EMB Accredited Third Party Sampler with its own DENR-EMB (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Recognized Laboratory.

At EAI we believe environmental, health and safety quality regulations shouldn’t limit your ability to do your business but instead bolster them for better productivity. We’ll help you work within the regulations, applying our regulatory knowledge and engineering expertise and capabilities to ensure that the regulations don’t dictate your ability to produce but instead enhance them.

EAI offers a variety of environmental, health and safety services:

  • Stack Emission Sampling/Testing and Analysis
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • DOLE-OSHC Work Environment Measurement
  • Water and Wastewater Monitoring
  • Engineering Control for Environment, Health and Safety
  • Special Sampling, Testing and Analysis for Baseline, Diagnostics or Compliance

We are geared towards helping companies who entrusted the protection & enhancement of the health and well-being of their employees and the environment in our best effort to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control workplace hazards and pollutants.

EAI , a product of a joint venture partnership with MESAR ENVIRONAIR of Canada and the Philippines’ CASTLE INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, Inc. is dedicated to promote and provide sustainable, environment-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient Engineering Solutions for Environment, Health and Safety (EH & S) concerns for workers’ protection and legal compliance with the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and DOLE requirements.

Since its establishment in 2005, our company boasts of a client portfolio that covers most major industries/multinationals.